We Love Small Businesses

At the heart of the Market is a desire to stimulate our local economy and support our neighbors who are creating and growing great things. One way we would like to do that is by sharing your story and bragging on you! We have created this vendor survey to help do just that! These vendor surveys will be turned into blogs by our Market Team which will be released weekly or bi-weekly leading up to Grand Opening and during the Market Season, depending on the amount of vendor surveys we receive back.

  1. Answer What you want!

  2. Send Us an Email(art@heritageroasting.com) with your Logo, Business//Product photos, fun photos of yourself - whatever makes sense!

  3. Then continue being awesome!

*By sending us this information and emailing us photos you are allowing us to share this information and use it for advertisement!*

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Thanks so much for filling out our survey, we are excited to have you at the Market and hope to be a part of growing your business!