Great coffee comes from equatorial regions of the world where the altitude is high and the weather is favorable to the Coffea Arabica plant. Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Yemen, Rwanda, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, India and others.

Generally coffee grows in third world nations and takes great labor to grow and harvest, which means that the folks that provide the world's coffee are hard working and not paid very well. It's a priority for Heritage to not only find excellent coffee but to have personal relationship with the bean farms we buy from. We want to encourage and contribute to a fair wage, we want to work with groups that are using safe and responsible farming practices, and we travel once a year to visit different countries of origin with the purpose of making all this possible.



As a coffee bean roaster, we supply the café with freshly roasted coffee and offer the same exceptional beans for sale in-house as well as online. We also wholesale to fine retailers and restaurants throughout the region.

We take a hands-on approach to roasting, relying on the highly trained human senses of our professional roasters. 


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Coffee Sourcing in Nicaraugua