Sumatra Gayo Highlands


Sumatra Gayo Highlands


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The Gayo highland is an area on one of the ridges of the Bukit Barisan mountain range that runs along the island of Sumatra.

The characteristics of Gayo coffee are very diverse, the different types of soil and growing heights are even extreme. (Volcanic soil in Lukup Sabun, Bandar lampahan, Simpang Balik and other Bener Meriah areas and not volcanic in Jagong Jeget, Batu Lintang and surrounding areas). With an altitude of more than 1,400 meters above sea level coffee farming is intense and rigorous.

Zaini, one of the coffee farmers in the Central Aceh District, is a self-taught coffee farmer.The organic agricultural land that Zaini developed has slowly developed and quality has increased.

Maisir Aman Al, or familiarly called Al, has a garden in Jongok Meluem Village, Pondok Baru, Bener Meriah. The 68-year-old’s garden is considered one of the best in Aceh. Al actually has been growing coffee since 1975, but until 2004 he started practicing organic plantations. Since then, the coffee production has been abundant. Its productivity is far higher than the average productivity of other coffee gardens in Gayo.

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