Ethiopia Chira Abana Estate Natural (Farm Direct)


Ethiopia Chira Abana Estate Natural (Farm Direct)


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12 oz bag

It’s a unique opportunity to have direct contact with a farmer in Ethiopia. This Farm Direct coffee from the Abana Estate has a great story.

About Abana

Abana translates to “Our Fathers” (Arabic), paying homage to the deep roots and origins of wild Arabica coffee, indigenous to this region of Ethiopia.

Located in Southwestern Ethiopia in the heart of the Oromia region, this old growth highland forest is the perfect environment for coffee to thrive.

This ecologically-friendly farm utilizes a water recycling wet mill, maintains a healthy forest canopy, and properly disposes of waste. These rolling hills are alive with dozens of animal species and several water sources including a natural spring at 2100 meters.

Social Impact

In the past 10 years, Abana Coffee has completed five community based medical projects. Gera is a town nearby and is the largest recipient of Abana’s aid efforts. These trips involved completing over 1,500 medical treatments, which included cataract surgeries and dental procedures. In addition, Abana has donated much needed supplies to the local clinic, supported the newly built pre-school in Gera, and built sports fields serving as a community space.

Cupping Notes

Dark Chocolate | Blueberry | Vanilla

Your purchase is directly funding our Community Center and life-changing programs — Thank you for your support!

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