• Heritage Roasting Co (map)
  • 4302 Shasta Damn Blvd
  • Shasta Lake
  • United States

The Shasta Lake Creative Community is a group within Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake - a gathering of local entrepreneurs and creatives who’s aim is to see the town of Shasta Lake thrive through community development.

This is our first meeting of 2019! We will be building up our Market & Art Teams, crafting together our 2019 schedule & goals, and taking some action!

This will be a perfect meeting for anyone curious about the Shasta Lake Creative Community as we will be going over the purpose of the group, how you can get involved, and how getting involved might benefit you!

The Agenda for this meeting is as follows…

Shasta Lake Creative Community Planning Meeting Agenda

Location: Heritage Roasting Co, Downstairs

Date: February 27th, 2019

Beginning Time: 6:30PM

Ending Time: 7:30PM

Agenda Items

  1. Intro to Shasta Lake Creative Community

    1. Purpose of the Shasta Lake Creative Community

    2. Discuss Roles, Commitments, & Incentives for Members

  1. Farmers Market

    1. Launch Day Tentative Plan

    2. Deciding Time - Morning/Evening - Weight Pros/Cons

    3. Decide Name of Market

    4. Discuss Potential Site Maps of Ideal Market

    5. Discuss Budget for Ideal Farmers Market

  1. Art Walk

    1. Brainstorm Tasks To Complete - Modify Trello Board Accordingly

  1. Action Items

    1. Download Trello & Add Team to Board

    2. Plan Next Meeting

    3. Determine Survey Questions for Vendor Survey to Produce Blogs

  1. Ending Comments

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