We're more than just a coffee shop

Coffee is a simple beverage that brings a sense of comfort deeper than its humble composition. This unique cup of warmth finds its way into homes, gathering places, and creates community.

Through our Heritage Community Center we offer space for meetings and gatherings including after school tutoring, financial planning, marriage coaching, and any other mentoring/teaching that is relevant to the needs of the community. Our coffee house serves as a venue for art and entertainment for all ages.



We have a passion for people and coffee and we understand the special relationship that unites the two. LOVE IN A CUP is a type of pay-it-forward movement that allows people to buy a beverage for someone who is in need. When you ask to add a LOVE IN A CUP drink to your order, that drink is suspended until it is given to someone who cannot afford one. To receive a LIAC beverage, all someone has to do is ask if one is available. 



Fun and entertainment for all ages!