The number 1 on the Enneagram has idyllic expectations on life and is a rational thinker. According to “Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change: always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake. Well-organized, orderly, and fastidious, they try to maintain high standards, but can slip into being critical and perfectionistic.”

Perfect cappuccino available at Heritage Roasting Company in Shasta Lake, near Redding in Northern California

In the world of specialty coffee the drink we chose to reflect the One is a perfect cappuccino. A cappuccino is a beautiful balance of espresso and silky textured milk in a cup small enough to allow you to enjoy the quality of the coffee. The markers of a “perfect” cappuccino is thick crema on the espresso and smooth milk texture which makes way for beautiful latte art. The cappuccino is ideally served at a temperature which allows you to enjoy the drink immediately. 

Mike Myers didn't get the perfect cappuccino. Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake, CA is the place for specialty coffee. Near Redding in Northern California.

There are other versions of the cappuccino, most common is a dry cappuccino. In a dry cap the milk is worked to a thick foam and is dolloped onto the espresso. The cappuccino is also similar to the popular Australian “flat white.” Don’t let Mike Myers fool you a cappuccino comes in one size, “Did someone order the large cappuccino? Hello!” (So I Married an Ax Murderer)

Sara Sutherland, volunteer of the year in Shasta Lake for 2019 is an enneagram type 1. Sara loves a perfect cappuccino at Heritage Roasting Co near Redding in Northern California.

The Heritage team member who identifies with a 1 on the Enneagram is Director of Operations, Sara Sutherland. Sara loves to keep a perfectly clean and tidy coffeehouse, which has her team convinced that she is a true One. She is full of hope for what Shasta Lake will become and as a self disciplined person she works to make dreams become reality.