Lulu’s Jams & Jellies

Jennifer Berry, owner of local brand 'LuLu's Jam & Jellies,' has been doing business in the area since March of 2015 and has maintained customers year after year. That would make sense as she puts extra care into each handcrafted batch by hand picking nearly 80% of all the fruit she uses herself!

Lulu's Jams and Jellies, handcrafted Jams by Jennifer Berry in Northern California. She takes extra care to deliver a high-quality product, knowing exactly where she gets her fruit as she hand picks nearly 80% of it. Find her at the Shasta Lake Farmers Market!

She named ‘Lulu’s Jams and Jellies’ after her Grandma who taught her to can. Recently she’s announced some new things in the works…going from the student to the teach, she’s working on her very own instructional videos teaching how to make jams, jellies, marmalade, and pepper jellies.

As a mother of 8 and grandmother of 10, she has a lot going on but she's still made it a goal to significantly build up her retail accounts this year so customers can enjoy her delicious jams and jelly's year around and in various convenient locations.

Throughout the year different seasonal jams become available but if you're gonna try anything, pick up some of her pepper jellies - they'll knock your socks off!

Pepper Jellies by Lulu's Jams and Jellies made in Northern California. Find her product at the Shasta Lake Farmers Market in Shasta Lake at coffee shop Heritage Roasting Co!

You can find her at the Shasta Lake Farmers Market during Grand Opening and throughout the season where she will have 8oz Jars, 3 for $20 and 4oz Jars, 5 for $20!

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