Go beyond your morning coffee ritual and get a glimpse into the world of specialty coffee made accessible through interactive training. Coffee is more than something to keep you awake, it’s a specialty food that has been around for centuries with more potential flavors than the best wine. These classes combine the best of modern science and ancient art while building knowledge and confidence in coffee history, modern practices and practical preparation. Whether you want to be able to make amazing coffee at home or you are a coffee professional who wants to improve your craft these training courses are for you.

Registration is through Shasta College, click the links below to register

BREW METHODS (held September 22 at 9 AM – 12 PM):

Brew Method Coffee Education Class at Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake

Does brewing coffee at home feel unexciting or intimidating? If you want to step up your home coffee brewing and go beyond the coffee pot this class is for you! Learn how to make a great French press, pour over, or Chemex. Principals of coffee science including brew ratios, grind setting and water temperature combine with the art and love for coffee. Learn from an experienced barista how to brew the perfect cup at home and get in some practice with time in the coffee lab.

BASICS OF ROASTING (held October 6 at 9 AM – 12 PM):

Roasting Classes at Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake

Did you know that coffee is a crop that’s grown around the equator? Coffee is actually a seed that is harvested and dried before it’s ready to be roasted. This class will include information on coffee plant varietals, green coffee processing, and finally roasting. Learn from our roasters how to turn green coffee beans into a the best roasted coffee by understanding the science and art of what is happening as the coffee goes through the roasting process. The class will include a roasting lab and you’ll take some freshly roasted coffee home!

ESPRESSO EXTRACTION (held October 20 at 9 AM – 12 PM):

Espresso Extraction Class at Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake

For the coffee professional or home barista. Learn how to recognize and create great espresso shots by understanding the elements that play into your extraction. Topics covered include grind, dose, tamp and espresso machine basics. Great espresso is the foundation to a variety of coffee beverages. Let us teach you how to pull a perfect shot! This class is primarily in the coffee lab. 

LATTE ART (Held November 3 at 9 AM – 12 PM):

Latte Art Class at Heritage Roasting Co in Shasta Lake

Have you seen those youtube videos and instagram photos and want to pour latte art of you own? Milk texture and temperature are the key elements you will learn so you can begin to practice latte art. Where great shots and perfect milk intersect to create a creamy and beautiful expression of “love in a cup.” A basic knowledge of espresso extraction or completion of the espresso extraction class are recommended as principals in this class build on espresso knowledge. Most of this class will be spent in the coffee lab.