I was originally unfamiliar with the Enneagram of Personality but when we decided to do this fun and interactive drink specials series…I knew I had to find my number. After taking an online test and reading descriptions, I discovered the Number 5 (The Investigator) was the personality type I mostly resonate with.

Before determining this, we had assumed one of our former Barista’s was definitely a 5. He would often experiment creating drink, saying, ‘You know what might make this better? Let’s add salt!‘

Reflecting back, I remember looking through pinterest at drink recipes with him and even taste testing his creations before even joining the Barista Team - no matter how odd it was.

It is a 5’s tendency to question everything and be innovative. This usually leads to triumphing successes or ‘it was worth a try‘ flops. So even when it likely took a few flops to to get to the winner idea(or in our case, drink), the process was worth it. I mean, how else do you expect we come up with some of our most popular drink creations?

For the Enneagram Drink Series, the Number 5 ‘drink, isn’t any one drink at all…but the invitation to innovate. What will you add salt to next?