Our Art Team is planning an Art Walk during Grand Opening Day - May 4th | 4:30PM-9PM! This is also during Boomtown Weekend, which is a Town-Wide Celebration of Shasta Lake that includes a Morning Parade, Party in the Park, and various other activities that coincide. Typically a very huge weekend for Shasta Lake with great turn out from locals.

The location of the Art Walk will occur between the Shasta Lake Farmers Market at Heritage to the Boomtown Festival down the road at Clair Engle Park. We are seeking 10-20+ Artists that would like to participate in the Art Walk!


1) What is an Art Walk? This could be many things, like multiple businesses in a block having Art Shows within their business, large Art Installations on display inside or outside of a business, and things of similar nature. OUR Art Walk will consist of a stretch of Artists Booths spanning a large portion of Shasta Dam Blvd set up in front of businesses. This will encourage more people to walk to the Blvd and go between the Boomtown Festival and The Grand Opening of the Farmers Market.

2) What does a booth set up look like? You could use a canopy or no canopy. You could have a set of easels to display art. Honestly, in what ever way you could display your Art Work without obstructing traffic in the road, sidewalk, and the ability for people to enter into businesses you are displaying in front of. This could be a set of tables are is leaning up against or laying on(however this is a less visible option)…here is some ideas: Art Walk Pinterest Board

3) I do not have enough pieces! No worries! - Do you have other friends that do art that would like to join you in the Art Walk? There is not a specific defined amount of pieces you are required to have OR a space you are required to fill. We simply think more art the better! So even if its a few pieces and you think you would only need one table, great!

Fee Structure

If you are ONLY participating in the Art Walk the Booth Fee will be $20.

If you plan on attending any Farmers Markets throughout the season normal booth fees will apply, including the $30 Annual Membership Fee. If you want to apply for both the Art Walk and the Farmers Market, fill out this form instead: Handcrafters & Artists Vendor Form

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Artwork Pictured in Header by Tracy Jones