Art Submission Form for Main Coffee House Space

Art in the main cafe space of Heritage Roasting Co rotates each month. We are always looking to showcase new artists. Please read and fill out the information below if you are interested in being the Artist of the Month.


We generally book a show 2-3 months in advance. Following review of your submission you will be contacted by Hannah Townley about your booking. Art is typically displayed for one month and it is your responsibility to remove your work at an agreed upon date.

Review Process

We encourage all artists to submit work for review. Although we appreciate all forms of art our review process is entirely subjective. Submissions will be reviewed by Hannah in the order in which they are received.

Artist Meeting

We really want every artist to have a successful art show and great experience working with Heritage. When and if approved to have an Art Show, we will then schedule a meeting with you, 3-6 weeks prior to your show. In this meeting we will meet in the main coffee house space to discuss the details of this form, talk about things that have worked well for artists in the past, and give you a moment to see how our hanging system works so you can prepare your pieces accordingly.

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*We schedule based on how prepared the artist is, seasonal relevance (example..paintings of flowers in Spring time), and the order in which they are received.
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