Responsibly sourced, expertly roasted, prepared with love. 


Offering a "third space" for community and relationships to grow. 


Bringing fine craft coffee and unique drinks to Northern California. 


Coffee + People. The experience of coffee isn't fully complete without people. Great coffee in a welcoming space creates an experience that's the perfect complement to a conversation. Since we love coffee and we love people, Heritage is a place for community, relationship, and transformation. Our goal is provide excellent coffee in a comfortable space where the service is like no other.

From casual coffee drinkers to aficionados, tea lovers, kids, and more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Join us for excellent coffee, music, art, genuine people, and a “third space” to hang in. *Hey, we’re paleo, gluten-free, and vegan friendly, too!


Our Love in a Cup program is designed to share the love and "pay it forward." Buy a drink for yourself and leave a drink suspended for someone to enjoy later. What an easy way to take part in a random act of kindness for the day. 


When Founders and Directors Sara and Stuart Sutherland met, they began dreaming of a coffee house that would also serve as a community center and a hub for relationships to flourish. Music, art, excellent beverages, and genuine people can all be found in one space, right here in Shasta Lake. 

Heritage Roasting Company has been supported and funded through community efforts and took 14 months to remodel from start to finish. Stuart's background in architecture is revealed in the design of the space — encouraging conversation and interaction.


Our team consists of highly-trained baristas who are actively involved in the community. We serve on committees, organizations, coach teams, are avid adventurers, say "please" and "thank you," and open doors for strangers. We aim to personally get to know all of our customers and offer a welcoming space that all can enjoy.